Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wearing White is a Choice, So is Wearing Color!

A few months back, I wrote a post on Hindsight Bride about wedding trends I was loving. The very first trend I was lovin' was colorful dresses. By and large, I found most of those images on more offbeat and indy sites. But oh how things have changed in a few short months !

Case in point. The mainstream maven of beauty and elegance, Martha Stewart, has this month featured a sweet, colorful, NYC, Carnival-themed wedding in her print magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings. In typical Martha fashion, it was beautiful, with every detail meticulously and creatively attended to. However, what was atypical was the brides dress. A gorgeous peach-colored, couture gown. Let me say that again, a peach-colored...ok, that's it, nuff said.

Color is everywhere! And not just on the runway, but also in the blogoshphere, donned by real brides. Some real brides are wearing just a blush of pale color. Pale pinks, champagnes, and dusty blues overlayed with white lace all make elegant and romantic gowns.
Image from the

Image from

Image From Elizabeth Ann Designs

Other real brides are going for a stronger pop of color:

Image from 100 Layer Cake

And still others go for a classic, little black dress look:

Image from A Mountain Bride
Now that's not to say the runway isn't popping withcolro! Vera's Spring 2010 collection was full of color:

Above Image block from Vera Wang Weddings

And her fall collection continues to add interest to the classically white gown by incorporating bold black accents. I just love the black gloves!

Above Three Images from Vera Wang Weddings

So if you're the type of bride that has trouble wearing white--which, let's face it, is a hard color for many of us to wear--or if you just want to add interest to your gown, consider wearing a gown with some color. Whether soft pale romantic colors, or big bold modern colors, it is no longer so difficult to find a wedding gown in a color other than white.

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  1. I'm loving all the color! And who'dathought it would end up on The Martha?!

    I am now drooling over everything Vera Wang, and I am attributing that solely to this post. Eh hem.