Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Unexpected…A Classic Look at a Rustic Venue

This week's featured company is Engaging Events in Mount Pleasant, SC. A returning advertiser for the Bride's Book Magazine & www.thebridesbook.com.

Engaging Events is a wedding planning service offering consultation, coordination and design services. Lead by Consultant Cindy Zingerella, Engaging Events guides couples through the wedding planning process, creating a wedding and reception that reflects their distinct personality and sense of Style. Our expertise with design and décor enables us to add creative elements to each affair resulting in a unique event for each of our clients.

Here's a sample of their work from a wedding done this past March at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Heather and Antony were married at beautiful Boone Hall Plantation . The backdrop being the breathtaking avenue of Oaks was…

…Such a romantic setting for a romantic couple!

Their ceremony location was not one of the typical locations clients choose at Boone Hall but since they were hosting such an intimate affair, the lawn area near the historic slave homes was the perfect spot. Here, they could capture all the beauty of the Avenue of Oaks.

The Unexpected….

The design and decor was a bit of the unexpected at the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation.

Heather and Antony loved the crisp clean look of a white wedding- so we added a bit of platinum to set it off.

However, the crystal chandeliers, and cafe lighting mixed with the white fabric draping was a bit different from what you would typically

see at that location…but it worked sooooo well! This was definitely one of our favorites!

Our florist, Judy, fashioned several styles of centerpieces to keep each table unique and interesting.

Here you see a moss covered tray with white dendrobium orchids at varying heights.

We would like to thank Lowcountry Photojournalism for the great photography, Snyder Party Rentals for the Tables, Chairs & linens, Duvall Catering for the Fabulous food and of course…

Heather & Antony for letting us be a part of such a special time in their lives!

All the fabric draping, chandeliers, and gorgeous flowers are Engaging Events creations- thanks Team!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brides in Boots

In addition to being a Hindsight Bride, I am a consummate mountain girl. I've lived in the mountains most of my life, so I've spend a fair about of time in boots. Not cowboy boots necessarily, but snow boots, hiking boots, ski boots, rain boots, rock climbing booties.

Image from 100 Layer Cake

When I was considering shoes for our wedding, I noticed an old pair of my mother-in-law's hiking boots in the entryway. I had worn them before when I had forgotten my own boots on visits. We are a hiking family. When the mood strikes, we are apt to go for an impromptu hike at any time. More than a few time I ended up hiking in her boots.

Photo from the Hindsight Bride

They're fairly retro looking, and by retro I mean cool. I asked how old the boots were, thinking it might be fun to represent my new family by walking down the aisle in my mother-in-law's hiking boots. When she told me that she got the boots in the 80's and they were the very first gift she had received from her husband when they were dating, the deal was sealed. I wore my mother-in-laws hiking boots down the aisle (see above). So, today's post is a tribute to all the brides in boots out there.

Image from WNC Photographer Portrait of You Photography

Cowboy boots are an obvious choice for many mountain and country brides. I can totally see an old pair of cowboy boots having great sentimental value. Perhaps you were wearing your cowboy boots when you met, or perhaps you can wear your mother's or mother-in-law's boots.

Image from Style Me Pretty

Living close to Asheville, I am reminded that cowboy boots don't have to be all country and horsey. Here Two Ring Studios captures an urban cowboy vibe for this Brides Book photo shoot.

Image courtesy WNC Photographer Two Ring Studios via The Brides Book

Of course there are many options beyond cowboy boots out there.
Little white lace Victorian booties are a lovely detail for a vintage wedding, and high leather riding boots add English country charm to an country estate inspired wedding. I like to remind people that western North Carolina is not always about horse farms and rustic barns. The Biltmore and The Grove Park Inn both offer grand, nineteenth century elegance for the vintage bride or classic European country charm the old world country bride.
Image courtesy WNC Photographer Blend Photography

Image from Green Wedding Shoes

Boots can also express parts of your personality. Maybe your a desert bohemian bride, industrial chic bride, or practical chic bride who lives in her Uggs--rain or shine. The point is to find a style that suits you.

Image from Style Me Pretty

Image from Perfect Bound

And of course, boots are at their core infinitely practical. Snowy weather, rainy weather and the call of the ski slopes all call for a different boot. My advice is to not be afraid to wear a functional boot with your wedding gown.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unique Ways to Wear your Mother's Dress

Will You Wear your Mother's Dress?

Image from Elly B Events

This bride did! And oh how absolutely gorgeous! No? But not every bride can fit into her mother's dress. Or sometimes the mother's dress does not fully survive the passage of time. Or, not every bride wants to wear her mother's gown; she wants her own.

Remember when Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odum after a whirlwind three week engagement. Remember how excited her mother was to help her plan? Remember when her mother pulled out her own wedding gown, carefully preserved and offered it to Khloe. Remember when Khloe laughed at it, making her mother cry? And remember when sister Kim tried on the gown and showed their mother, trying to lighten the mood and appease their mother?

Image from MyStyle.com

When I saw that episode, my heart went out to the mom. She had carefully and lovingly preserved her gown with the thought that, one day, one of them would want to wear it. On the other hand, I'm not sure *I'd* be terribly excited about donning that big poufy frock either. It's sooooo 80s, and not necessarily in a good way...at least not yet. (We might have to give it another 10 years or so before that kind of 80s retro comes back into vogue.)

Nonetheless, many brides like the idea of somehow incorporating their mother's dress into their wedding. So what's a bride and her mother to do if it just that simple? A few ideas have surfaced across the wedding blogosphere. Check out how these real brides got creative with their moms' wedding gowns.

From The Brides Cafe

"Jennifer had a seamstress take the lace from her mother's wedding gown to make a cover for the bible used at the ceremony!"

From WeddingBee Pro:

"Jenny's lovely gown was custom-made at L'ezu Atelier in Beverly Hills. The rosette on the neckline and lace along the back of the dress were salvaged from her mother's wedding gown."

From Perfect Bound:

"The bride, although smitten with her Vera Wang gown, also chose to wear her mother's wedding gown for the latter part of the reception. The vintage lace tea length dress was handmade by her mother's grandmother in 1962."

And the Mother of them all! From the Southwestern Bride:

"The Bride had a Lazaro Gown and had a seamstress in Beaumont create several heirloom pieces from her mother’s wedding gown. Her veil was custom made with the appliqué’s that were on her mother’s veil, and the lace that trimmed the train on her gown lined the entire outside edge of my veil..."

"...The Bride [also] shortened the length of her mother’s wedding gown and wore it when they left their reception."

"Handkerchiefs for the Brides sister and godsister, mother, mother-in-law and herself were made out of extra lace from her mothers gown."
So if you or your mother have long envisioned that you walking down the aisle in her dress, but it's just not feasible, think outside the box, and consider incorporating her dress in other ways.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wearing White is a Choice, So is Wearing Color!

A few months back, I wrote a post on Hindsight Bride about wedding trends I was loving. The very first trend I was lovin' was colorful dresses. By and large, I found most of those images on more offbeat and indy sites. But oh how things have changed in a few short months !

Case in point. The mainstream maven of beauty and elegance, Martha Stewart, has this month featured a sweet, colorful, NYC, Carnival-themed wedding in her print magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings. In typical Martha fashion, it was beautiful, with every detail meticulously and creatively attended to. However, what was atypical was the brides dress. A gorgeous peach-colored, couture gown. Let me say that again, a peach-colored...ok, that's it, nuff said.

Color is everywhere! And not just on the runway, but also in the blogoshphere, donned by real brides. Some real brides are wearing just a blush of pale color. Pale pinks, champagnes, and dusty blues overlayed with white lace all make elegant and romantic gowns.
Image from the RecycledBride.com

Image from WeddingWindow.com

Image From Elizabeth Ann Designs

Other real brides are going for a stronger pop of color:

Image from 100 Layer Cake

And still others go for a classic, little black dress look:

Image from A Mountain Bride
Now that's not to say the runway isn't popping withcolro! Vera's Spring 2010 collection was full of color:

Above Image block from Vera Wang Weddings

And her fall collection continues to add interest to the classically white gown by incorporating bold black accents. I just love the black gloves!

Above Three Images from Vera Wang Weddings

So if you're the type of bride that has trouble wearing white--which, let's face it, is a hard color for many of us to wear--or if you just want to add interest to your gown, consider wearing a gown with some color. Whether soft pale romantic colors, or big bold modern colors, it is no longer so difficult to find a wedding gown in a color other than white.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DIY...Bridal Survival Kit: A Must Have for the Big Day

The big day has finally arrived! Surrounded by your best girls you feel on top of the world. You know that your cake will arrive at the reception site promptly at 5 p.m., your future husband is, at this very moment, being coaxed away from the golf course by your perfect wedding planner, and your all-too-wonderful maid of honor has supplied you with everything you could possibly need in the event of a stain, a minor injury, a broken heel, a rip and possibly even a small earthquake. Yes, your trusty right hand woman has created the ultimate Bridal Survival Kit and left no stone unturned while packing it!

The Bridal Survival Kit is a wedding day must-have that can be accomplished by some beforehand planning and a little creativity. When creating a kit for yourself or a friend, remember to attack the task in stages using a little acronym I like to call F.B.D.O or Face, Body, Dress, Others

Face: A bride’s face should be shining and bright as she walks down the aisle. “Day of” tasks such as running around and hair and make-up paired with a possible lack of sleep can spell disaster for a gal on her Big Day. Include the following items to help ensure a bright eyed bride (or at least a one that looks that way!)
Under eye cream
Concealer (be sure to get a neutral shade)
Blotting papers
Cotton balls or swabs
Lip gloss
Touchup makeup- If having makeup professionally applied, ask the artist for samples, waterproof mascara

Body: The body of a bride has a lot to handle including a new dress and new shoes. Be sure to include the items below to assist the bride in a worry free day.
Band Aids/ Small first aid kit
Hand sanitizer
Eye drops
Shoe cushions
Small protein snacks such as nuts or protein bars
Antacids, Pepto-Bismol, etc
Clear nail polish/small mani/pedi set w/ file and clippers
Bobby pins, brush, hairspray

Dress: Ah, the dress. Such a beautiful item; such an accident waiting to happen! Include this list to fix those little "oopses" that seem to appear 10 minutes before showtime.
Double sided fashion tape
White chalk to disguise any stains if the gown is white
Mini sewing kit w/ scissors
CLEAR Packing tape…yes, it fixes everything from headpieces to trains
Lint roller
Safety pins
Super glue

Other(s): Even when you think you have it all covered a random accident can occur. Often times the emergency may not even be with the bride but with a member of the bridal party. Use these “other” items to help save the day for those other people in the wedding...You know, the ones that aren't wearing white...
Febreeze/odor remover spray
Static Guard
Baby wipes-they literally will clean up ANYTHING
Tide stain remover pen-DO NOT use on anything white
Eyelash curler
Small bottled water
Contact lens solution
Small flashlight
Straight pins
1 set of AAA batteries

Most all items can be purchased in a travel size for convent packing. Consider personalizing a cloth tote for the Bridal Survival Kit that can be used later or purchase a small, hard-plastic case to store the materials until needed. Most wedding planners will provide kits (I consider it a “must-have” for my brides), but if you DIY, be sure to give the kit to the planner beforehand.

With these tips a bride is sure to come out looking, smelling, and feeling great on her day. Be sure to include items for the groom as well such as a spare pair of socks and handkerchief; he is, after all, getting married too!

Brittany Koontz is the Owner of Orchid Island Events in Wilmington, NC and specializes in destination weddings to Coastal North Carolina. Bridal survival kits are even more important when away from home! (http://www.orchidislandevents.com/)

Top Left picture: www.simplybags.com/bridal-bags

Middle Right picture: Blue/green vertical dot shoe bag from www.thirtyone.com

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Guest Entertainment at Indoor Weddings

Last week I wrote about yard games at outdoor weddings. And that was pretty much the end of the story for me. Games equal outdoor weddings, full stop. That was until this little wedding came into my Google Reader. Then my notion of games at weddings expanded completely!

It seems so obvious after you see it. Of course you can offer games at an indoor wedding, and the possibilities are endless. Pick your favorite games, or games that have significance in your families' traditions. My favorites: Uno, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Jenga, chess, checkers, Parcheesi, and spades with plain old playing cards.

You could even turn your games into a bit of a wedding theme. Label each table according to the game you put on it. Your escort cards would read: Maggie and Max Marshall, The Scrabble Table; Joanne Harvey and Andy Simms; The Uno Table...

Have Fun!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrating 5 Years!

In January 2005, we launched our website, www.TheBridesBook.com now reaching approximately 120,000 visitors online monthly. In May 2005 we launched the first edition of The Bride's Book in the Raleigh, NC area. Since then we have expanded to cover all of North and South Carolina with 13 issues of The Bride's Book magazine under our belt, won 2 awards (Hermes Creative Gold Award and an A.P.E.X. award in the category of Best New Publications), Increased our distribution through retail distribution (Hall major Grocery stores, Barnes & noble, Borders Bookstores and Walden Books) and complimentary distribution at over 500 Carolina locations.

In 2007 we launched www.TheBridesMarket.com offering our readers easy avenue to full service wedding planning by putting everything at their fingertips, no more searching from website to website! In 2009, we launched the only full service regional wedding E-zine giving more readers better access to great information about local wedding planning services in their area. To date we have subscribers and visitors planning their Carolina wedding from as far away as China. In 2010 we will launch a new publication, The Bride's Book of Lists putting advertisers directly at the fingertips of Carolina brides and giving them the unique opportunity to access the bridal buyer in a low competitive fashion with only 5 businesses listed per category per city.

We are excited to also share that we are a leader online in the viral world reaching over 50,000 unique people via our Blog, Facebook Accounts and pages and Twitter accounts every time we communicate through one of our many social networks.

It's been a very exciting adventure! We are proud of our success and want to thank all of the many businesses and bride's who have supported us over the years! To celebrate we would like to offer you the opportunity for a limited time to try us out at 50% off* our published rates! If interested please contact us:

Mia Mauer (Asheville & the Triad) mia@thebridesbook.com or 828.273.8877
Molly Ryback (South Carolina) molly@thebridesbook.com or 843.718.4145
Susan Reda (Triangle NC area) susan@thebridesbook.com or 919.942.2704
Lenore Ball (All other areas) lball@thebridesbook.com or 919.593.1472

* 50% off market rate. Current advertisers can also take advantage by extending their contracts at the same discounted rate! Valid thru June 15th. All contracts must be signed and returned by June 15th. Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.