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Unique Ways to Wear your Mother's Dress

Will You Wear your Mother's Dress?

Image from Elly B Events

This bride did! And oh how absolutely gorgeous! No? But not every bride can fit into her mother's dress. Or sometimes the mother's dress does not fully survive the passage of time. Or, not every bride wants to wear her mother's gown; she wants her own.

Remember when Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odum after a whirlwind three week engagement. Remember how excited her mother was to help her plan? Remember when her mother pulled out her own wedding gown, carefully preserved and offered it to Khloe. Remember when Khloe laughed at it, making her mother cry? And remember when sister Kim tried on the gown and showed their mother, trying to lighten the mood and appease their mother?

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When I saw that episode, my heart went out to the mom. She had carefully and lovingly preserved her gown with the thought that, one day, one of them would want to wear it. On the other hand, I'm not sure *I'd* be terribly excited about donning that big poufy frock either. It's sooooo 80s, and not necessarily in a good least not yet. (We might have to give it another 10 years or so before that kind of 80s retro comes back into vogue.)

Nonetheless, many brides like the idea of somehow incorporating their mother's dress into their wedding. So what's a bride and her mother to do if it just that simple? A few ideas have surfaced across the wedding blogosphere. Check out how these real brides got creative with their moms' wedding gowns.

From The Brides Cafe

"Jennifer had a seamstress take the lace from her mother's wedding gown to make a cover for the bible used at the ceremony!"

From WeddingBee Pro:

"Jenny's lovely gown was custom-made at L'ezu Atelier in Beverly Hills. The rosette on the neckline and lace along the back of the dress were salvaged from her mother's wedding gown."

From Perfect Bound:

"The bride, although smitten with her Vera Wang gown, also chose to wear her mother's wedding gown for the latter part of the reception. The vintage lace tea length dress was handmade by her mother's grandmother in 1962."

And the Mother of them all! From the Southwestern Bride:

"The Bride had a Lazaro Gown and had a seamstress in Beaumont create several heirloom pieces from her mother’s wedding gown. Her veil was custom made with the appliqué’s that were on her mother’s veil, and the lace that trimmed the train on her gown lined the entire outside edge of my veil..."

"...The Bride [also] shortened the length of her mother’s wedding gown and wore it when they left their reception."

"Handkerchiefs for the Brides sister and godsister, mother, mother-in-law and herself were made out of extra lace from her mothers gown."
So if you or your mother have long envisioned that you walking down the aisle in her dress, but it's just not feasible, think outside the box, and consider incorporating her dress in other ways.

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