Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ALMOST anything goes

People ask me all the time. "What is THE trend?", "What's popular?" "I want to do this or my daughter wants to do this...do you think that is too much?!" I prefer to put them in touch with professionals who know and readily refer. After all, I am really just the messenger bringing experts to the table and getting their knowledge out there through our magazine, The Bride's Book, and website, www.TheBridesBook.com. I certainly have my own tastes and at 43 I am begining to recognize that yes, my tastes may be slightly dated...thank goodness for my business I hire some of the best and let them capture the knowledge.

But I will say that I have seen just about everything! I've seen tattooed brides who get just one more tattoo for the big event and wears it proudly as she walks down the aisle. I've seen (and heard about) some of the funkiest wedding locations. From Graveyards, to bathrooms, fast food restaurants, you name it somebody has probably already thought of it. I've seen weddings with 25 guests and 10 bridesmaids. I've seen the most elegant weddings on the lowest of budgets and I've seen quite the opposite. So I am here to tell you just about anything goes. My best advice to brides who are planning their wedding is to remember that your wedding is about you but it's also about combining two families and building relationships and a future.

If you want to wear or do something a little different that is okay! Just make sure you think down the road a little bit. When the wedding is all said and done and you and your beloved are starting out you want to look back and be proud of your wedding day and some times that means compromising a little with those you love who may be just a tad bit more traditional. Best wishes!

facebook rules

I love facebook! It is so easy to use, so easy to be "seen" an dget your message out there. We've tried the facebook ads and maxed out the $$$ they say we should spend but honestly we get just as many people interested in our site just from being on the site. We'll continue to "experiment" to make sure we get good exposure but as Facebook alone is about as close to "free" advertising as you can get. MySpace is similar but it's slow to load and isn't as easy to navigate. One of the things that I like the most about Facebook is being able to put a face to a name. And good grief it's amazing how small it makes the world! If you haven't gotten a facebook account do it! If you don't want all of your personal stuff out there keep it to a minimum an dload up a "page" about your business then share it with your friends!