Monday, October 18, 2010

Destination Wedding Spotlight: Kure Beach, NC

Destination weddings have been the craze for many years now and the Carolinas are no stranger to this concept. Historic, brick laden districts, river towns, sandy beaches and rolling mountains place both North and South Carolina in the destination wedding cataory with locations such as Jamaca, Mexico and the Adorondacks. Born and raised in coastal North Carolina, I have a special place in my heart for couples that choose to hold their big day in "my neck of the woods". As a wedding planner by trade but a life planner by nature, it is a great joy to offer more than just wedding services to my brides. As a native of the Carolina lifestyle I enjoy letting couples in on the secrets of where to get the best shrimp and grits, which area boasts the most stunning sunsets, where to get the "poshest" service, etc, etc... The Carolinas hold hundreds of perfect destination wedding locations and over the next few weeks we will spend time getting to know some of the areas that are perfect for the occasion. We begin our tour with the small, friendly, relaxing beach town of Kure Beach, NC...

Situated just 20 minutes south of Wilmington, NC, Kure Beach is one of several beach towns located on Pleasure Island. It is also seated just before the historic and picturesque area of Fort Fisher. Bathed in rustic and homey southern charm, Kure Beach is a gem burried in the sand. Known to fishermen worldwide for its pier and fishing, Kure Beach is also well equipped to handle small to medium sized weddings on the sand, at a lovely and colorful ocean front home or at many other locations. Dinning choices range from the seafood cafe, to the steak and seafood house to the option of having your event catered with elegant cuisine. Atlantic Avenue boasts the beach's best views with its wooden walkways and gentle breezes. Couples have the ultimate setting with the golden sand, froathly ocean waves and green sea grasses. Ceremony decore can range from the simple arbor to the even more simple but powerful statement of letting nature speak for itself and be the main decore.

Locals enjoy the opportunity to share their piece of paradise so when visiting be sure to inquire about the area's offerings in terms of food, lodging and activities. In nearby Fort Fisher, the NC Aquariuam at Fort Fisher is a beautiful option for the reception or rehearsal dinner. Dine in front of the shark tank and relax as twinkle lights glow from the railings above. Palm laiden outdoor spaces are available as well as elegant indoor areas. Sting rays, turtles, jelly fish and other aquatic life add to the party as they glide effortlessly in tanks around the Aqarium. The sea horse tank is a special treat and the perfect place for a gift station. Events coordinator Terry Bryant and assistant coordinator Emily Bullock are available Mon-Fri to help plan the wedding of your dreams. Rent the Aquarium's crystal fish for an amazing centerpiece or utilize a local florist to tie in your theme. Visit their website at to learn more about this stunning venue.

Be sure to take advantage of the unique grove trees that grow along the Fort Fisher shore; the shady groves are perfecy for memorable pictures and romantic strolls. Sitting between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River gives Fort Fisher water views from almost every angle and affords the history buff a plethora of sites to see and information to gather. Families and couples alike can rent a small beach cottage of stay at on of the inns located on the island. For more information on this quaint beach town, visit the Pleasure Island Chamber of commerce at and be sure to check the section dedicated to wedding regulations and rules.
Photo left & center courtesy of Gary & NC Aquarium at Ft Fisher

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Cake Inspiration from the Southern Mountains

It's no secret. I love me some mountains. I've lived in them all of my life and studied mountain tourism at the graduate level. They're in my soul. So when I see wedding trends related to mountain traditions I want to leap for joy and do cartwheels in the living room. Woohoo! Lately I've noticed rustic brides and foodies alike opting for a stack cake look for wedding cakes, including cake-buffet cakes.

Stack cakes are a tradition in the southern mountains, and are generally made of six (or so) thin layers of apple spice cake stacked up like a big plate of pancakes. Dried apples are tucked between each layer, and some variations include using apple butter in between layers.

There are two stories I've seen floating around regarding the origins of the Appalachian stack cake. One is a play on impoverished hillbilly stereotypes. The story goes that Appalachian people were too poor to afford an entire wedding cake and each guest bring a single layer. Another is that the James Harrod brought the cake back from Kentucky via the Wilderness Road in 1774.

Whatever it's origins, modern brides and bakers are offering their own twist on this Appalachian classic, and I've loving every bit of it.

~Hindsight Bride

Image from The Kitchn 

 Left Image from OnceWed; Right Image from Catherine O'Brien via Love and Lavender 


Image from The Kitchn

Image from Smitten Kitchen

Image from Project Wedding

Image from The Kitchn

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wiggles,Giggles,Crys & Laughs:A Guide to Children & Your Big Day

Organizing a wedding party can sometimes be like organizing a heard of cattle! Jobs, family responsibilities, travel and simply life’s little bumps can all affect the schedules of the people in your party which, in turn, can ultimately affect the outcome of your rehearsal and even ceremony. Along with the wedding party, wedding guests are up against a myriad of challenges which can cause them to miss your Big Day or be forced to only attend the ceremony and not the reception or vice versa. Often times, a conflict which exists before the wedding, such as childcare issues, does not simply disappear before the Big Day. Perhaps your maid of honor just had a beautiful baby girl or your piano player has two rambunctious boys that must accompany her to your event. Children can be a welcome source of entertainment in any situation but can also be an unwelcome distraction in more serious moments. That beautiful baby girl just may decide it is time to eat during your vows and those boys will certainly not make it through all of Ava Maria in the church pew. Also, do not forget that your may have a precious flower girl or ring bearer of your own that may make it down the aisle but need something to look forward to at the reception. Let’s take a look at a few ways to accommodate both wedding party members and guests with children…

First, understand that children are a natural part of life! Although you may not have any of your own yet, remember that your family and friends may have been handling situations with their children for a while. Even though they may be accustomed to making arrangements for them during special events, nothing would make life easier than having a plan supplied for their family’s needs.

Have childcare on standby. Local drop-in childcare facilities, nanny organizations and even churches typically have plans in place for special event childcare. Arrange a special rate with the manager of a local center and be sure to mention it in an insert in your invitation, on your wedding website and by word of mouth. Parents can enjoy the event while knowing their children are safe and happy while paying a reduced rate.

Be prepared with a “quiet room” at your ceremony. Even the best behaved child can have an off day! Hiring a babysitter to be available at your ceremony can save you and parents from loads of stress. List the option in your ceremony program in such a way that parents feel this is a benefit to them (rather than a forced option) and be sure choose your sitter wisely so that parents and children feel secure.

Have fun options for children at your event. Why should only the adults have a great time? Choose an area of your reception and dub it the “Kid Zone” complete with smaller tables and chairs, coloring projects and a few toys. To make the area more cohesive with your event, color coordinate the children’s choices with your colors and theme. Just because the area is dedicated to children does not mean primary colors are a must! If there is available outdoor space consider renting a bounce house or a small petting zoo; white rabbits would be a wonderful addition to the scene and a fun distraction for the kids. Use your imagination to create options that are both fun for the little ones and appropriate for your event.

Have “child friendly” food available. Although your boss’ wife may swoon at the idea of Oysters Rockefeller, a child will more than like squish up their face and say, “Ew!” Ask your caterer to provide a few options for children such as chicken of some kind, fruit and cheese. One sure fire way to keep a child happy is to keep their bellies full so make preparations ahead of time to make this a non issue.

I have often said that having a wedding is really your opportunity to play the ultimate party host or hostess! Having options for guests of all ages is a great way to help insure a happy time for everyone. Remember, however, that even your best laid plans my not “go as planned” when it comes down to the wire. Babies may cry, little boys may wiggle and parents may not choose to utilize the options you have put in place. In those instances just take a deep breath, walk down that aisle and say to yourself, “Well, at least MY children will never act that way!”

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Delayed or Post Reception

Post wedding receptions are becoming more and more common in our busy hectic world. There are many good reasons why a couple may want to get married now and celebrate later. From deployment, financial worries, illness, weather or simply a spontaneous elopement. Whatever the reason, the wording on your invitation is important in order to inform your guests that they will NOT be attending the actual ceremony and that can sometimes be tricky!

What you’re really doing here is announcing that you’re already married and you are now hosting a party. The first task, introduce yourselves as a married couple, then add the details of your celebration. To make it more personal you may want to incorporate your own verses. If you would like to hav eyour guests witness your vows consider a reaffirmation of your vows. You can do that at any time after your wedding. There is no need to hire a magistrate or clergy to do this as you are already officially married. Anyone can read your vows for you.

As far as timing, it is best to have your party or reception as soon after your wedding vows as possible but if for some reason it is long delayed you may want to consider hosting a 1st anniversary party. Such a party may be slightly more casual but could still include your reaffirmation as well.

Below are some examples we have compiled to get you thinking about how to compose your invitation. To get even more ideas talk to the stationer who will create your invitation. If you have an event planner assisting you he or she will no doubt also have lots of ideas on how to word your invitation and add creative elements to make it all your own!


We’ve Tied the Knot! 

Scott Casey and Angie Lawrence were married

Saturday, December 9, 2009.
Please join us as we celebrate on Friday, February 2nd 2010
At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd
Anytown, Anywhere
At five o’clock in the evening


On Dec 9th at University Presbytarian Church
Scott and Angie became one heart.
Their love filled the house of worship like no others could.

Please join in celebrating their new start
By attending a dinner in their honor
At The Lake Delta Inn,
123 Karlen Rd Anytown, Anywhere
At five o’clock in the evening


Through the love that is in our hearts we,

Angie and Scott

will restate our wedding vows


Saturday, the 2nd of February

two-thousand and ten

at five-thirty in the afternoon

at the Lake Delta Inn

123 Karlen Rd

Anytown, Anywhere


They got their feet wet and played in the sand

And oh yes, they joined their hands!

Scott and Angie were wed Dec 9th on St.John’s Island.

In celebration of their marriage

On February 2nd at noon

Please attend a backyard barbeque at

The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere


With a turn of the key and flip of their hair,

Angie and Scott threw caution in the air!

Join them in celebrating their December 9th elopement

By attending a brunch in their honor on

February 2nd at 10:00 in the morning

At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere


You are cordially invited to

the 1st anniversary celebration


Angie and Scott Casey February 2nd at 10:00 in the morning

At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere

If you’ve decided NOT to have a reception or party to celebrate your new beginning a simple "At Home" card will do, which simply announces that the two of you are married and, as the name suggests, that you're home. If you choose to send an “At Home” card, don’t forget to include your new names and address. Some couples also choose to add a personal note explaining why they eloped.

There is no reason why a delayed or post reception should be any different from a reception that immediately follows a wedding ceremony. The purpose is the same, to celebrate the union of a couple and the beginning of their new life together. Do you need the 3 + tiered cake or the big formal gown and tuxedo? No. As a matter of fact we would recommend general party attire and a less formal cake but it’s your party and your decision, the etiquette police will not come and take you way!

Finally, as far as who pays for what, it again, is no different than a traditional reception immediately following a ceremony. Today’s wedding receptions are hosted by the bride and groom themselves, their parents or any combination. It can be as small or as grand, as traditional or contemporary as the couple themselves. Embrace the moment that is yours with your closest friends and family and the new road ahead whatever it may bring.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My little sister is engaged! Of course we all knew it was going to happen, but still, here we are. The date is set for 11/11/11 and my mother is already buried in a flurry of wedding magazines and ideas. You would think that although she has already gone through the marriage of one daughter-one daughter who, by the way, actually does this for a living she would feel calm and ready but no… She actually said to me, “Oh, I don’t know if those colors will work.” Amazing, mothers were defiantly created to encourage you and never let your head get too big all at the same time. Bravissimo mom, but I digress...

Having a big sister that is a wedding designer is rather convenient, but even I, older sister and professional cannot dictate some of the choices that must be made. Casual or formal? Indoors or out? Large or small? Grandiose or simple? These are the questions that each new bride is faced with and often times they have barley had the opportunity to let the engagement sink in before the race of finding a venue begins. For my sister Kate, and many other brides, some decisions are made simply based on personality or taste and practicality. For instance, by nature my sister is a “push the limits of fashion” kind of woman. (She glued glitter to her pocketbooks and wore heavy eyeliner before those fads were ever even thought of in Paris or Milan!) For her, certain venues are simply not workable due to their very structure. She is looking for a fashion forward, peacock feather laden type of event in which not one single rose will be found. To look at a garden venue would not only be a waste of time for her, but also for the ever hopeful venue manager. For some brides, budgetary concerns may dictate venue choice and many other aspects of their Big Day. From the get-go, my suggestion to brides is to be practical. Yes, this is your special day, but be careful not to set your sights too high, least you fall, and remember your theme. When faced with many different venue options, color schemes, flower choices and cake flavors, a couple can become overwhelmed and start making decisions just to get items ticked off the list. Push your personal limits a bit if you must but never go so far outside your comfort zone that you, a person who loathes the color orange, finds yourself surrounded by bridesmaids clad in the bright color because you watched one too many episodes of Million Dollar Wedding. To quote the Genie in Aladdin, “BEEEEEE yourself!” Remember who you and your fiancé are and created a happy “marriage” of the two styles to achieve a look you both will love.

Along these same lines, be sure to heed the advice of well meaning loved ones, but never forget this is Your day. I often comment to brides that for every opinion they have about their wedding, someone else has three more. A person (to remain nameless) actually suggested that my sister wear my wedding dress simply because we still have it and she is having a time finding the dress. Now, although beautiful, my A-line, champagne colored frock would look as ridiculous on her as I would in a leopard print mini skirt. My dress says nothing about my sister and only holds memories of my Big Day, which in truth was really not long ago enough for us to even consider using the same gown. Although well meaning, this suggestion was ridiculous and incensed my sister to no end. I reminded her that everyone feels differently about weddings the same way everyone feels different about pizza toppings or political parties or American Idol singers. This is life and with it comes an abundance of opinions but all-in-all it should be her and her fiancé that must feel comfortable with the outcome.

During the journey to the aisle a bride may change her mind many times and feel overwhelmed at the possibilities and choices before them. In fact, I have seen a bride change her entire theme 3 months before the wedding after reading an article and deciding she was on the wrong track-this is not a practice I would recommend. My own sister has been engaged for four months and has over a year to go and has changed her venue three times; however she has yet to place a deposit one one. Confusion of this nature is to be expected and, as long as the changes are not causing the loss of much money or delaying the course of events, are good ways to decide what you truly want. Now, having said that, it is best to get these changes out of the way early in the game to avoid the loss of deposits or the annoyance of every wedding professional in town. Do your homework and make informed decisions. If you have never felt any particular feelings towards sand dollars but suddenly want to stick them in every bouquet, boutonnière and centerpiece then take a step back and breathe. Is this real? Do you suddenly have a real affection for the dried fruits of the sea or is it simply a fad that will pass? Talk your whims over with your planner and use them as a sounding board for possible changes and ideas. You are paying them to not only keep you on track but to also remind you of your original ideas of the perfect wedding, you know the ideas you had before you knew that handing tying 1,000 ribbons to the branches of a historic Oak tree was even a possibility…

Brittany is the owner of Orchid Island Events, a wedding design and coordination company based out of Carolina Beach, NC. Orchid Island specializes in wedding planning for areas such as Wilmington, Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure Beaches, NC. She enjoys turning moments into memories on the Carolina Coast and invites you to gain ideas for your Big Day by visiting the Orchid Island website at

Monday, August 23, 2010

History Lesson: The Bouquet Toss, A Bachelor Dinner and a Flying Garter

Weddings are history in the making. The beginning of one family and the continuation of others, a wedding is a celebration of traditions old and new and are a platform for couples to showcase who they are.

While acting as planner for a wedding this past May, I noticed that the bride seemed to have a strong resistance to anything that even slightly resembled tradition. Strict instructions were given to my team: no bouquet toss, no garter throwing and absolutely, positively no special cake cutting. As a planner it is my job to make sure that the couple’s wishes (whenever not hideously ridiculous or outside the confines of the Law) are met. Even I agree that the garter toss recipient and the bouquet toss recipient should not be forced to dance together and when a groom smashes caked into a bride's perfectly painted mouth I want to faint. It was this super modern couple that got my wheels turning concerning age old wedding habits. Where did these activities come from and why, for goodness sake, do they often require people to chunk lovely items in mid air and hope that someone catches them? So, armed with a piqued sense of curiosity and a hot apricot tea (in my Minnie Mouse gets Married mug of course) I set out on a research journey. You just may be surprised at what this wedding planner’s fast typing fingers discovered…

· The Bouquet Toss…This tradition actually dates back to the fourteenth century when brides were considered to be covered in luck on their wedding day. Single women would vie for a piece of the bride’s gown hoping to take home a piece of her luck. This often times ended in a tattered and torn gown not to mention a bruised up bride! Brides began to rebel against the destruction of their dresses and began throwing stockings or garters at the crowd until they could exit unaccosted. Eventually the custom became the flowering tossing event know today. I recommend having your florist make a “toss bouquet” for this activity so that your precious bundle can be saved and not ripped to bits by all those single ladies gunning for your luck!
· The Garter Toss: An offshoot of the bouquet toss, the tossing of the garter was used to feign off the advances of luck hungry women and smooch hungry men! Once again considered lucky, men would fight to snatch a kiss from the new bride, a habit that new groom did not think much of. Men began removing the garter from the leg of his bride to show ownership and throwing it to his ravenous cohorts to save his new wife from Lord knows what. The tradition continues today and often follows the tossing of the bridal bouquet.
· The Bachelor Party: Originally known as the bachelor dinner or stag party, the bachelor party goes back to the early days of Sparta and the Spartans love of any reason to party. An engaged Spartan man would be treated to an evening of feasting and drinking as his friends (and often fellow military men) would toast to his new life. Although now known to often involve risque behavior, the bachelor dinner was originally created to allow the groom an opportunity to release pre-wedding jitters. Eventually women decided they needed to shake off some jitters too and thus produced the birth of the bachelorette party.

Of course there are many more traditions that need to be explained. But, if I spilled all the beans here, you would not have a reason to return and read more! Stay tuned to The Bride’s Book Blog for our next history lesson which will include the odd history behind the bridal party, the reason flowers became a vital part of the event and how the wedding cake evolved from a loaf of bread to the artistic creations we have today. Class dismissed!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Wedding Day!

I wanted to share my big day with the readers of The Bride’s Book. I don’t think I can put into words the way I felt that day. I was excited, anxious, emotional, and tired. It took a year and four months to plan our wedding and it felt like it flew by in 20 minutes. The night was a blur. I look back now at our photographs and think “Was that really us?” It is all surreal. I have a feeling once we get our video back that is when reality will hit that it was us and that it was real.

We were so fortunate to have a warm sunny day. Our ceremony was outside on the Mississippi River in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Our reception was inside at Mississippi Dunes Golf Course. Twenty minutes before the ceremony began my youngest sister drew blood by ripping open her leg on a broken couch! I was getting ready to pack up our stuff to head to the hospital for stitches when my extremely brave and tough sister Macy requested super glue to close the wound! If anyone knows Macy, this is typical. Oh the stories, this one being one we laugh about now. Especially since the bridesmaid dresses were above the knee and in some pictures the wound is quite showy!

I didn’t trip coming up the aisle in grass! However, I was waiting on a golfer yelling “FOUR” and someone getting hit by a ball. Our ceremony site was right next to a par 3 green! I want to apologize to our guests for the ceremony starting about 10 minutes late. The unwarranted construction caused some guests to arrive late. Including my Uncle, who met me just feet before the aisle and he wanted to stop and talk. Excuse me Uncle, Go and SIT DOWN. Again, love and laughs.

I’m a detailed person, so details at the reception were my favorite. I’m so in love with any Damask print. That was shown in my wedding and now has carried over to my house! We showed our excitement for cupcakes in our cupcake tower! The Candy Bar was a huge hit with the guests and made for a fun favor. In my opinion, my florist, Saba Flowers, could not have captured my idea of a centerpiece more accurately. And Brides, I believe any florist can do such a better, stress-free job when you pick flowers that are IN season. I did just that and the flowers were luscious and gorgeous and lasted for days! If anyone read my last blog post, I talked about the 350 lemons. They did a great job at the wedding! And afterwards, quenched much of my family’s thirst freshly squeezed!

Keith and I chose “When you got a Good Thing” off of Lady Antebellum’s second CD. This may have been my favorite moment of the evening. It was really the first chance Keith and I got to spend a second or two alone and take in the meaning of that day. I wish I could have frozen time in that moment. Eventually I got teased for having a weak throw in my bouquet toss. One special dance we had was the Anniversary Dance. I had seen this at weddings before, but every married couple is on the dance floor and the DJ plays a slow song and dismisses couples by years of marriage. Finally the last couple standing was my grandparents married for 50 years!

At the end of the evening I was so happy, but exhausted. It took me 30 minutes to take the bobby pins out of my head! Now in the weeks after the wedding, my favorite thing to do is look back at the photos my photographer, Kate Botwinski was able to show me. I can’t get enough of them! Brides, cherish your photos. These are pieces of art that you will have forever! I am completely in love with mine.

Thank you Bride’s Book for letting me share my big day with you! We love to hear about our reader’s weddings and see their pictures! Please share with us on our facebook page!

-Mia Mauer - Acct Executive with The Bride's Book

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Days Out!

To all of our beautiful brides, “I understand.” I understand the drama, the excitement, the stress, the happiness, and most of all the utmost craziness of planning a wedding. I am two days out from my big day and it makes me think the last year and four months have been a big whirlwind. I take a lot of pride in being organized and getting a lot of planning done in advance. Well I hit reality hard. It doesn’t matter how much you do in advance or how organized you are, when planning a wedding there is just so much you have to do in your last two weeks! When it comes to head counts, food choices, and seating arrangements you are at the mercy of your guests. You can’t get any of that nailed down until you hear from you guests or track them down! Stressful.

But then you get to enjoy the other side of planning. The laughing and the nonsense. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful vendors, just like the North Carolina vendors I get to work with every day. They have made planning the wedding very simple. Online resources have been a key to my planning success. How convenient it was to sit at home and enjoy dinner while planning a big Minnesota event that was 6 months away! My colors are black, white and yellow. Of course I’ve searched for all things yellow! I had to have lemons in my arrangements and my florist happily agreed as long as a got them and brought them. Here is a picture of my mom and our purchase of 329 lemons! Thank goodness for flatbed carts!
I am so anxious to see every detail come together. I believe every piece is gorgeous, but I can’t fathom everything all together. Our ceremony is outdoors, so I have been checking the weather ever since the internet can post a 10 day forecast. Accurate or not, 10% rain has sent me to tears on day 9! But I took a deep breath and 0% appeared the next day. Have faith.

My biggest piece of advice to future brides is to enjoy. Enjoy the fun moments and have faith in your closest supporters to get you through the “not-so-fun” moments. Bottom-line, this is going to be the most memorable day for your life and your fiancé will be stunned. Have full confidence that you are the most gorgeous bride to walk this earth and show your guests one heck of a time.

Ps: If you ever need to vent, I completely understand! Throw it at me!

With Love,


The Bride's Book

Account Executive Western Carolina and Triad Area

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creative Bridal and Wedding Portraits

Image from Kiss the Groom

Image from Kiss the Groom

I saw this wedding on Kiss the Groom a couple of weeks back and threw a handful of images into an inspiration folder on my computer. While going back through them looking for inspiration, it struck me. This gal isn't doing a day after shoot. She was on that horse during ON her wedding day! Note the ceremony arch and guests in the background. That's freaking awesome!

Image from Kiss the Groom

So it got me thinking. Why is it that brides put so much time and energy into customizing their wedding celebration only to default to safe, standard bridal portraits? Especially with such mad wedding photography talent available. Wedding photography has come a long way and you can find plenty that look a stunning as editorial shoots in a magazine.

Image from Two Ring Studios

OK, let me take a step back here and say that traditional, classic portraiture will stand the test of time and won't look dated in 10, 20, or 30 years. And classic portraiture is wonderful in is own way. But why not also embrace your own personality and tap into your photographer's creativity? To truly capture your wedding story, I suggest you consider doing both.

Image from Kiss the Groom

Image from Style Me Pretty

I'm not talking about a Trash the Dress (TTD) session. I'm talking about rocking the dress and highlighting your style and personality, while taking full advantage of your photographer's talents.

Image from Two Ring Studios

So how creative would you be willing to get with your pictures on your wedding day? What would best express your personal style and creativity?

~The Hindsight Bride

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Unexpected…A Classic Look at a Rustic Venue

This week's featured company is Engaging Events in Mount Pleasant, SC. A returning advertiser for the Bride's Book Magazine &

Engaging Events is a wedding planning service offering consultation, coordination and design services. Lead by Consultant Cindy Zingerella, Engaging Events guides couples through the wedding planning process, creating a wedding and reception that reflects their distinct personality and sense of Style. Our expertise with design and décor enables us to add creative elements to each affair resulting in a unique event for each of our clients.

Here's a sample of their work from a wedding done this past March at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Heather and Antony were married at beautiful Boone Hall Plantation . The backdrop being the breathtaking avenue of Oaks was…

…Such a romantic setting for a romantic couple!

Their ceremony location was not one of the typical locations clients choose at Boone Hall but since they were hosting such an intimate affair, the lawn area near the historic slave homes was the perfect spot. Here, they could capture all the beauty of the Avenue of Oaks.

The Unexpected….

The design and decor was a bit of the unexpected at the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation.

Heather and Antony loved the crisp clean look of a white wedding- so we added a bit of platinum to set it off.

However, the crystal chandeliers, and cafe lighting mixed with the white fabric draping was a bit different from what you would typically

see at that location…but it worked sooooo well! This was definitely one of our favorites!

Our florist, Judy, fashioned several styles of centerpieces to keep each table unique and interesting.

Here you see a moss covered tray with white dendrobium orchids at varying heights.

We would like to thank Lowcountry Photojournalism for the great photography, Snyder Party Rentals for the Tables, Chairs & linens, Duvall Catering for the Fabulous food and of course…

Heather & Antony for letting us be a part of such a special time in their lives!

All the fabric draping, chandeliers, and gorgeous flowers are Engaging Events creations- thanks Team!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brides in Boots

In addition to being a Hindsight Bride, I am a consummate mountain girl. I've lived in the mountains most of my life, so I've spend a fair about of time in boots. Not cowboy boots necessarily, but snow boots, hiking boots, ski boots, rain boots, rock climbing booties.

Image from 100 Layer Cake

When I was considering shoes for our wedding, I noticed an old pair of my mother-in-law's hiking boots in the entryway. I had worn them before when I had forgotten my own boots on visits. We are a hiking family. When the mood strikes, we are apt to go for an impromptu hike at any time. More than a few time I ended up hiking in her boots.

Photo from the Hindsight Bride

They're fairly retro looking, and by retro I mean cool. I asked how old the boots were, thinking it might be fun to represent my new family by walking down the aisle in my mother-in-law's hiking boots. When she told me that she got the boots in the 80's and they were the very first gift she had received from her husband when they were dating, the deal was sealed. I wore my mother-in-laws hiking boots down the aisle (see above). So, today's post is a tribute to all the brides in boots out there.

Image from WNC Photographer Portrait of You Photography

Cowboy boots are an obvious choice for many mountain and country brides. I can totally see an old pair of cowboy boots having great sentimental value. Perhaps you were wearing your cowboy boots when you met, or perhaps you can wear your mother's or mother-in-law's boots.

Image from Style Me Pretty

Living close to Asheville, I am reminded that cowboy boots don't have to be all country and horsey. Here Two Ring Studios captures an urban cowboy vibe for this Brides Book photo shoot.

Image courtesy WNC Photographer Two Ring Studios via The Brides Book

Of course there are many options beyond cowboy boots out there.
Little white lace Victorian booties are a lovely detail for a vintage wedding, and high leather riding boots add English country charm to an country estate inspired wedding. I like to remind people that western North Carolina is not always about horse farms and rustic barns. The Biltmore and The Grove Park Inn both offer grand, nineteenth century elegance for the vintage bride or classic European country charm the old world country bride.
Image courtesy WNC Photographer Blend Photography

Image from Green Wedding Shoes

Boots can also express parts of your personality. Maybe your a desert bohemian bride, industrial chic bride, or practical chic bride who lives in her Uggs--rain or shine. The point is to find a style that suits you.

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And of course, boots are at their core infinitely practical. Snowy weather, rainy weather and the call of the ski slopes all call for a different boot. My advice is to not be afraid to wear a functional boot with your wedding gown.