Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Days Out!

To all of our beautiful brides, “I understand.” I understand the drama, the excitement, the stress, the happiness, and most of all the utmost craziness of planning a wedding. I am two days out from my big day and it makes me think the last year and four months have been a big whirlwind. I take a lot of pride in being organized and getting a lot of planning done in advance. Well I hit reality hard. It doesn’t matter how much you do in advance or how organized you are, when planning a wedding there is just so much you have to do in your last two weeks! When it comes to head counts, food choices, and seating arrangements you are at the mercy of your guests. You can’t get any of that nailed down until you hear from you guests or track them down! Stressful.

But then you get to enjoy the other side of planning. The laughing and the nonsense. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful vendors, just like the North Carolina vendors I get to work with every day. They have made planning the wedding very simple. Online resources have been a key to my planning success. How convenient it was to sit at home and enjoy dinner while planning a big Minnesota event that was 6 months away! My colors are black, white and yellow. Of course I’ve searched for all things yellow! I had to have lemons in my arrangements and my florist happily agreed as long as a got them and brought them. Here is a picture of my mom and our purchase of 329 lemons! Thank goodness for flatbed carts!
I am so anxious to see every detail come together. I believe every piece is gorgeous, but I can’t fathom everything all together. Our ceremony is outdoors, so I have been checking the weather ever since the internet can post a 10 day forecast. Accurate or not, 10% rain has sent me to tears on day 9! But I took a deep breath and 0% appeared the next day. Have faith.

My biggest piece of advice to future brides is to enjoy. Enjoy the fun moments and have faith in your closest supporters to get you through the “not-so-fun” moments. Bottom-line, this is going to be the most memorable day for your life and your fiancé will be stunned. Have full confidence that you are the most gorgeous bride to walk this earth and show your guests one heck of a time.

Ps: If you ever need to vent, I completely understand! Throw it at me!

With Love,


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  1. Well said, especially the advice about enjoying your wedding no matter what!

    I made a pact with myself early in the planning process that I would enjoy our wedding and take any disappointment or malfunction in stride. And you know what? I didn't notice any disappointment or malfunction. They happened, to be sure. But I was on cloud nine, I didn't notice anything wrong. I spend my time enjoying my new husband, my family, and the excitement of the day. I did not spend time inspecting the flowers, favors, or cake for perfection.

    That pact I made with myself to enjoy was the best thing I did for our wedding!

  2. congrats Mia! I know your wedding will be just lovely and of course I can't wait to see pics (and what you do with all 329 lemons!). Have a marvelous time and I'll catch up with you when you are back in NC!