Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Wedding Day!

I wanted to share my big day with the readers of The Bride’s Book. I don’t think I can put into words the way I felt that day. I was excited, anxious, emotional, and tired. It took a year and four months to plan our wedding and it felt like it flew by in 20 minutes. The night was a blur. I look back now at our photographs and think “Was that really us?” It is all surreal. I have a feeling once we get our video back that is when reality will hit that it was us and that it was real.

We were so fortunate to have a warm sunny day. Our ceremony was outside on the Mississippi River in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Our reception was inside at Mississippi Dunes Golf Course. Twenty minutes before the ceremony began my youngest sister drew blood by ripping open her leg on a broken couch! I was getting ready to pack up our stuff to head to the hospital for stitches when my extremely brave and tough sister Macy requested super glue to close the wound! If anyone knows Macy, this is typical. Oh the stories, this one being one we laugh about now. Especially since the bridesmaid dresses were above the knee and in some pictures the wound is quite showy!

I didn’t trip coming up the aisle in grass! However, I was waiting on a golfer yelling “FOUR” and someone getting hit by a ball. Our ceremony site was right next to a par 3 green! I want to apologize to our guests for the ceremony starting about 10 minutes late. The unwarranted construction caused some guests to arrive late. Including my Uncle, who met me just feet before the aisle and he wanted to stop and talk. Excuse me Uncle, Go and SIT DOWN. Again, love and laughs.

I’m a detailed person, so details at the reception were my favorite. I’m so in love with any Damask print. That was shown in my wedding and now has carried over to my house! We showed our excitement for cupcakes in our cupcake tower! The Candy Bar was a huge hit with the guests and made for a fun favor. In my opinion, my florist, Saba Flowers, could not have captured my idea of a centerpiece more accurately. And Brides, I believe any florist can do such a better, stress-free job when you pick flowers that are IN season. I did just that and the flowers were luscious and gorgeous and lasted for days! If anyone read my last blog post, I talked about the 350 lemons. They did a great job at the wedding! And afterwards, quenched much of my family’s thirst freshly squeezed!

Keith and I chose “When you got a Good Thing” off of Lady Antebellum’s second CD. This may have been my favorite moment of the evening. It was really the first chance Keith and I got to spend a second or two alone and take in the meaning of that day. I wish I could have frozen time in that moment. Eventually I got teased for having a weak throw in my bouquet toss. One special dance we had was the Anniversary Dance. I had seen this at weddings before, but every married couple is on the dance floor and the DJ plays a slow song and dismisses couples by years of marriage. Finally the last couple standing was my grandparents married for 50 years!

At the end of the evening I was so happy, but exhausted. It took me 30 minutes to take the bobby pins out of my head! Now in the weeks after the wedding, my favorite thing to do is look back at the photos my photographer, Kate Botwinski was able to show me. I can’t get enough of them! Brides, cherish your photos. These are pieces of art that you will have forever! I am completely in love with mine.

Thank you Bride’s Book for letting me share my big day with you! We love to hear about our reader’s weddings and see their pictures! Please share with us on our facebook page!

-Mia Mauer - Acct Executive with The Bride's Book

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding, and what beautiful weather!