Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wedding Planner

J. Lo did a great job in the movie, “The Wedding Planner”. She’s one of those actresses that we love to watch on the big screen. But she did nothing to describe what a wedding planner really does. Most people think of a Wedding Planner as an accessory to the rich and famous and that regular folks handle all the details and what they can’t handle they ask a relative or friend to handle. That works great for some folks. Some folks have planned their wedding since they were 10 years old. Most of us however, are new to this wedding thing and plan on doing it only once. So for that reason alone you should investigate what a wedding planner can do for you and how much she costs. What’s the worst thing that could happen? That’s right, you end up making a well thought out educated decision and that’s the best decision and approach you should take when you plan anything!

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So let’s go over the pros of hiring a wedding planner. First, she is well educated on the reputation of the wedding professionals out there and well versed in what is a fair price to charge and who she can negotiate with in order to keep things within your budget. Second, this isn’t the only wedding she’s planned nor it be the last that he or she plans so no doubt she is full of ideas based upon your budget of how to create your vision at a variety of locations. Third , remember the last time you hosted a dinner party? You cooked the food, you cleaned the house, you sent the invitations (or made the calls), you shopped, you set the table, you answered the phone and door bell when it rang, you chose the music, you played the music , you thought up the ice breaker oh and you had about 5 minutes to get cleaned up and dressed before everyone arrived. THEN, you mingled, you thought of about half a dozen things that you should have done, some you tried to do while your guests were there as discreetly as possible. By the end of the night you had about 25 conversations interrupted and never completed, you barely had a chance to eat your dinner and enjoy your guests before it was time to serve dessert and then after your guests left it was time to clean up. That was a dinner party for only 4 or 5 couples! Imagine an event at a separate location or multiple locations with a guest list of about 125 or more?! Sure Mom can help but remember this is the only wedding her daughter will have…she should enjoy it just as much as you without all of the stress.

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So, now you are thinking…maybe it isn’t such a bad idea but I just don’t think I could afford it…Really?! In most cases you can. Remember you set your budget. If your budget is $5000 or $155,000 that is your budget. A wedding planner knows that her fees must ALSO come from this budget. Many (not all )are willing to negotiate their fees if possible in order to stay within your budget , assuming they want the job. They may also be able to tailor fit their services to accommodate you so that it makes it more affordable. They are organizational gurus, and depending on how many services they render as well as their popularity, they can cost a few hundred dollars or several thousand. In the Southeast for a full service wedding planner he or she will generally charge about $2600 while nationwide the average is about $3200.

Now you have the tools to decide if a wedding planner is for you..go out and begin meeting and interviewing and talking price to find the one that works best for you. Not sure where to start? Go to www.TheBridesBook.com and choose your city. Then check out our Marketplace where we list all the best local wedding pros in your city.