Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Delayed or Post Reception

Post wedding receptions are becoming more and more common in our busy hectic world. There are many good reasons why a couple may want to get married now and celebrate later. From deployment, financial worries, illness, weather or simply a spontaneous elopement. Whatever the reason, the wording on your invitation is important in order to inform your guests that they will NOT be attending the actual ceremony and that can sometimes be tricky!

What you’re really doing here is announcing that you’re already married and you are now hosting a party. The first task, introduce yourselves as a married couple, then add the details of your celebration. To make it more personal you may want to incorporate your own verses. If you would like to hav eyour guests witness your vows consider a reaffirmation of your vows. You can do that at any time after your wedding. There is no need to hire a magistrate or clergy to do this as you are already officially married. Anyone can read your vows for you.

As far as timing, it is best to have your party or reception as soon after your wedding vows as possible but if for some reason it is long delayed you may want to consider hosting a 1st anniversary party. Such a party may be slightly more casual but could still include your reaffirmation as well.

Below are some examples we have compiled to get you thinking about how to compose your invitation. To get even more ideas talk to the stationer who will create your invitation. If you have an event planner assisting you he or she will no doubt also have lots of ideas on how to word your invitation and add creative elements to make it all your own!


We’ve Tied the Knot! 

Scott Casey and Angie Lawrence were married

Saturday, December 9, 2009.
Please join us as we celebrate on Friday, February 2nd 2010
At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd
Anytown, Anywhere
At five o’clock in the evening


On Dec 9th at University Presbytarian Church
Scott and Angie became one heart.
Their love filled the house of worship like no others could.

Please join in celebrating their new start
By attending a dinner in their honor
At The Lake Delta Inn,
123 Karlen Rd Anytown, Anywhere
At five o’clock in the evening


Through the love that is in our hearts we,

Angie and Scott

will restate our wedding vows


Saturday, the 2nd of February

two-thousand and ten

at five-thirty in the afternoon

at the Lake Delta Inn

123 Karlen Rd

Anytown, Anywhere


They got their feet wet and played in the sand

And oh yes, they joined their hands!

Scott and Angie were wed Dec 9th on St.John’s Island.

In celebration of their marriage

On February 2nd at noon

Please attend a backyard barbeque at

The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere


With a turn of the key and flip of their hair,

Angie and Scott threw caution in the air!

Join them in celebrating their December 9th elopement

By attending a brunch in their honor on

February 2nd at 10:00 in the morning

At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere


You are cordially invited to

the 1st anniversary celebration


Angie and Scott Casey February 2nd at 10:00 in the morning

At The Lake Delta Inn, 123 Karlen Rd Anywtown, Anywhere

If you’ve decided NOT to have a reception or party to celebrate your new beginning a simple "At Home" card will do, which simply announces that the two of you are married and, as the name suggests, that you're home. If you choose to send an “At Home” card, don’t forget to include your new names and address. Some couples also choose to add a personal note explaining why they eloped.

There is no reason why a delayed or post reception should be any different from a reception that immediately follows a wedding ceremony. The purpose is the same, to celebrate the union of a couple and the beginning of their new life together. Do you need the 3 + tiered cake or the big formal gown and tuxedo? No. As a matter of fact we would recommend general party attire and a less formal cake but it’s your party and your decision, the etiquette police will not come and take you way!

Finally, as far as who pays for what, it again, is no different than a traditional reception immediately following a ceremony. Today’s wedding receptions are hosted by the bride and groom themselves, their parents or any combination. It can be as small or as grand, as traditional or contemporary as the couple themselves. Embrace the moment that is yours with your closest friends and family and the new road ahead whatever it may bring.

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