Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DIY...Bridal Survival Kit: A Must Have for the Big Day

The big day has finally arrived! Surrounded by your best girls you feel on top of the world. You know that your cake will arrive at the reception site promptly at 5 p.m., your future husband is, at this very moment, being coaxed away from the golf course by your perfect wedding planner, and your all-too-wonderful maid of honor has supplied you with everything you could possibly need in the event of a stain, a minor injury, a broken heel, a rip and possibly even a small earthquake. Yes, your trusty right hand woman has created the ultimate Bridal Survival Kit and left no stone unturned while packing it!

The Bridal Survival Kit is a wedding day must-have that can be accomplished by some beforehand planning and a little creativity. When creating a kit for yourself or a friend, remember to attack the task in stages using a little acronym I like to call F.B.D.O or Face, Body, Dress, Others

Face: A bride’s face should be shining and bright as she walks down the aisle. “Day of” tasks such as running around and hair and make-up paired with a possible lack of sleep can spell disaster for a gal on her Big Day. Include the following items to help ensure a bright eyed bride (or at least a one that looks that way!)
Under eye cream
Concealer (be sure to get a neutral shade)
Blotting papers
Cotton balls or swabs
Lip gloss
Touchup makeup- If having makeup professionally applied, ask the artist for samples, waterproof mascara

Body: The body of a bride has a lot to handle including a new dress and new shoes. Be sure to include the items below to assist the bride in a worry free day.
Band Aids/ Small first aid kit
Hand sanitizer
Eye drops
Shoe cushions
Small protein snacks such as nuts or protein bars
Antacids, Pepto-Bismol, etc
Clear nail polish/small mani/pedi set w/ file and clippers
Bobby pins, brush, hairspray

Dress: Ah, the dress. Such a beautiful item; such an accident waiting to happen! Include this list to fix those little "oopses" that seem to appear 10 minutes before showtime.
Double sided fashion tape
White chalk to disguise any stains if the gown is white
Mini sewing kit w/ scissors
CLEAR Packing tape…yes, it fixes everything from headpieces to trains
Lint roller
Safety pins
Super glue

Other(s): Even when you think you have it all covered a random accident can occur. Often times the emergency may not even be with the bride but with a member of the bridal party. Use these “other” items to help save the day for those other people in the wedding...You know, the ones that aren't wearing white...
Febreeze/odor remover spray
Static Guard
Baby wipes-they literally will clean up ANYTHING
Tide stain remover pen-DO NOT use on anything white
Eyelash curler
Small bottled water
Contact lens solution
Small flashlight
Straight pins
1 set of AAA batteries

Most all items can be purchased in a travel size for convent packing. Consider personalizing a cloth tote for the Bridal Survival Kit that can be used later or purchase a small, hard-plastic case to store the materials until needed. Most wedding planners will provide kits (I consider it a “must-have” for my brides), but if you DIY, be sure to give the kit to the planner beforehand.

With these tips a bride is sure to come out looking, smelling, and feeling great on her day. Be sure to include items for the groom as well such as a spare pair of socks and handkerchief; he is, after all, getting married too!

Brittany Koontz is the Owner of Orchid Island Events in Wilmington, NC and specializes in destination weddings to Coastal North Carolina. Bridal survival kits are even more important when away from home! (

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