Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Implementing the Perfect Color Palette

It's hard to keep up with ever-evolving trends. Just when I am finished reading one magazine telling me what the hottest summer fashions are, I am already seeing the hottest fall fashions in other magazines before I am even able to make it to the mall! The trick is to pull ideas from these sources but really create a look and feel that fits you. That is obviously how your wedding should be and much of the planning begins with deciding on the perfect color palette. This task may seem simple to those with an artistic touch, but for many others, including myself, the task seems tremendously difficult and overwhelming!

I have always been known as an indecisive, practical person whose wardrobe consisted primarily of black, white, and grey hues. After analyzing my own wardrobe, I realized that my personal traits had definitely infiltrated into my wardrobe choices. Years ago, this would still fit in with the ever popular color theme of white or cream shades. Now the trend is to implement color into your wedding to create a tasteful, vibrant, and refreshing feel. Yikes!

For those of you who have been cursed with my aforementioned traits, you are in luck! You can still keep up with the latest trends and create your dream wedding thanks to numerous wedding planning guides (Including the newest issue of The Brides Book coming out October 1st) that will help ease you into creating a wedding with the perfect hues to capture the emotions and ambiance you desire!

After researching into this topic, I have stumbled upon some great ideas and resources dedicated to aiding you in brainstorming, compiling, and implementing your perfect color palette into your wedding. Of course, our upcoming issue will be touching on a vast number of ideas, trends, and guidelines to incorporating your wedding colors into your wedding but I am going to share some other ideas with you periodically to hold you over until the issue is released.

Color Palette Tips/Trends:

1. Location is an important aspect to be considered when deciding on your color palette. Some venue colors are permanent and will need to be implemented into the palette. Other locations may have a certain feel or ambiance that matches certain colors better than others.

2. Cut or print out samples or swatches of possible colors you would like to use. Place them next to each other and on top of one another to get a feel for how they work together. Seeing each one separate will not give you an idea of what the whole palette will look like when it is implemented into the wedding.

3. Don't overuse the colors or make the wedding too "matchy-matchy". This will take away from the true purpose of the colors to be accents to the wedding ambiance and to one another. If you use too much of one color, it can create an overwhelming feeling and take away from the wedding.

4. Pay attention to color combinations all around you. Some of the most beautiful color palettes are those that you would never think of off the top of your head.

5. I have stumbled upon a great number of "color trends" for each season this year. The most recurring colors seem to be gray, yellow, brown, and orange but it seems that any colors work as long as you pick the right accent colors and implement them in a tasteful manner

There are more tips and trends to come on this and other wedding planning subjects. This is intended to be an open community for brides to discuss their ideas, frustrations, questions, etc. about planning their wedding. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas about this topic or others you would like to see on this blog or in another issue of The Bride's Book!

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