Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Details, Details, Details

After scouring the Internet once again to get an even better grasp on how color palettes are chosen and implemented, I came across a couple of pages that really demonstrated how a little can go a long way. For example, I would have never thought to coordinate the colors of drinks served at the wedding with the color palette chosen. If you couldn't tell, I appreciate the little things in life and was extremely amused to find that a couple had chosen to have an assortment of red hued drinks to match their color palette of a red and white. This also cuts down on the bar line if indecisive people, like myself, have less of an assortment of choices.

I recently attended a wedding with a color palette consisting of white, pink, and champagne hues and the smallest detail caught my attention the most. On each of the dinner plates they had a pink flower laid tastefully on the plate. This tied even the dinner food to the color palette and looked extremely elegant. Just make sure that the guests who have had one too many of those red-hued drinks understand that the flowers aren't edible!

A major theme, which is probably obvious, is implementing the color palette into your invitations as well. Even the font is important to capture the essence of whichever color palette you choose. An elegant wedding with a color palette of white and sky blue may choose to have a cursive and elaborate font for their invitations. A fun and spunky orange and pink color palette may work well with more of a bubbly or bold font. Of coarse, these color palettes may not always send off the same tone. I am just generalizing but definitely think it is crucial to pay attention to details.

While learning more about how crucial the invitations are to tying the theme of the wedding together, I realized how much work actually goes into just planning the layout, wording, colors, etc. of the invitations. This will be my next blog post topic since this is the first thing your guests will see regarding your wedding. I am looking into the different trends, helpful hints, and unique ideas regarding invitations this year. More to come on that topic.

As always, please post any ideas, questions, or comments about this topic or others you would like to talk about!

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