Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get a gmail account

Okay it's free that's a good thing but that's not a unique feature. One of the most useful features I have found is that you can EASILY search your gmail account using an email address or any word in the email regardless of subject or content. So why is that useful? Well because who can remember everything? I use my gmail account to automatically copy all emails that come to my business account. That way I can easily clean out my business email account with peace of mind knowing that if I need something I just go to my gmail account and search it out. Believe me that isn't a rarity! I search info on my gmail account through out the day! Whether it was to clear the air about agreed upon sevices, to research last I spoke with someone or track down a lost email address, general communication or bill. It is at my fingertips. And because gmail gives you a huge amount of storage, for the average and not so average joe, you rarely will ever have to delete anything giving you years of searchable info.

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