Friday, May 21, 2010

Unique WNC Places for Every Bride

Hi! Hindsight Bride here. I’m so excited to start writing for the Bride's Book Blog. By way of an introduction, let me tell you a bit about my neck of the woods, western North Carolina (WNC).

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Western North Carolina is a different kind of place, and it's primary city, Asheville, is a different kind of city. I don't just mean the funky, urban, bohemian style that Asheville is famous for. And I’m not simply referring to some of the eco-friendly, green values that are popular in the area. Nor am I strictly speaking of the rustic charm of the surrounding mountains. I'm talking about all of it! You can basically find anything here. WNC is one of the most varied rural areas I've lived in. For engaged couples and their families, that adds up to a lot of fabulous wedding options.

Perhaps that's what makes it so popular as a destination wedding spot. We have something for just about everyone. Modern urban vibe? Check. Grand hotels and estates? Check. Stunning outdoor scenery, complete with two National Parks? Check. You'll fit right in whether you're a city girl, country girl, outdoorsy girl, or strictly-ballroom kinda girl.

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So here's my own personal deal. I am constantly thinking about weddings in hindsight. I imagine what type of wedding I'd have if I were to do it over again, and all sorts of themes and ideas run through my head most of the time. So in hindsight, if I were a:

Elegant and Romantic Bride I'd have a grand, formal, spring wedding at the Biltmore Estate. I love spring in the southern mountains. There are tons of spring flowers that heighten the of air romance. I would wear a vintage lace gown and offer my guests mini historical postcard books detailing the history of the area.

Modern, Urban, or Funky Bride I'd totally get married downtown. Asheville has fantastic Art Deco architecture, fun street scenes, and funky little nooks and alleys that are perfect for bridal shoots and wedding portraits. I think I'd have the reception at one of the great restaurants that serve delicious, locally grown food.

Rustic Bride The southern mountains aren't anything if they aren't rustic. There are more farms, pieces of antique barn wood, and mason jars here than you can shake a stick at! I imagine a sweet outdoor wedding, perhaps by a lake. Guests would play bocce and croquet on the lawn, and take canoe rides on the water. Mason jars with candles hang elegantly from trees, sparkling with the fireflies.

Eco-Chic Bride The University of North Carolina began offering couples it's Asheville Arboretum in as a wedding venue in fall, 2009. I very much wanted to get married there, but our wedding was about six months too early. In my do-over Arboretum wedding, guests would enjoy strolling through the gardens. The best part: it's already decorated. Choosing fabulously pretty venues like this helps you save on decor.

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What kind of WNC bride are you? What are your plans? Your ideas? Your Inspirations? Your venues?

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