Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Vixens - A Day of Dress Up for You, Something Special for Him.

Stacy Borelli, Owner and Photographer of Swank Photo Studio went out on a limb last year when she was asked by one of her brides to do some 'sexy' pictures for her fiance. What happened during that session has forever transformed and shaped her new love for photography, her own brand and line of stylish boudoir photography; Vintage Vixens - A Day of Dress Up for You. Something Special for Him. 
With the overtly talented Margo of Belloviso on staff for the sessions, the two pair to bring their clients a one of a kind experience. "It truly is a day of pampering for the girls. They come have some wine and girlie chat, all the while getting their hair and makeup done, we play dress up and take fun & playful pictures. There's not one client that hasn't come to me with an undertone of latent anxiety that hasn't left saying, Wow!, that was fun!".
The end result speaks for itself. "The greatest reward in all of this is seeing the women being transformed and I'm not talking about transformation of looks although the makeover is an essential part of what we do. I'm talking about inner transformation. The glam makeovers get our clients to step out of their everyday look and become high fashion glamorous. This instills the inner confidence. By the time they get in front of the camera, they're putty.".  Throw in the gentle direction from Stacy, and the end is pictures her clients are proud of. The boys are pretty happy too!

All of the sessions include your hair & makeup, several looks and outfit changes, as well as a honeybook. And while the sessions are an investment, are you not worth it?  Millions of millions of dollars are spent on our looks, spa treatments, and medical treatments every year. Why aren't we documenting ourselves in the prime of our lives?!
To book your session or private party (perfect for bachelorettes), please contact Stacy/Swank Photo Studio - 919-602-1050 or

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