Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Readers Choice Awards

Hey! Just wanted to remind everyone that we are accepting nominations for our Readers Choice Awards! This is a great opportunity to say thank you! to anyone who did an exceptional job with your wedding! Okay I'm not tallking about "Mom" or "Aunt Nellie" but the awsone florist who has gone out of their way to help you create the bouquet of your dreams, or the Salon who has your dream dress and waited on you hand and foot while you tried on every dress in stock. The photographer who created the engagement photos that captured the two of you perfectly and will no doubt create the most wonderful wedding portraits and capture your "luv" or teh wedding planner, cake designer, makeup artist, salon, etc... Just send us an email at ReadersChoiceAwards@TheBridesBook.com say this person is great!

Winning Carolina Wedding Professional winners will be announced for all to see in our Fall 2008 issue of The Bride's Book - the Southeasts only multi-award winning wedding magazine!

Hope you have gotten your copy of our just released Summer issue of The Bride's Book! If not look for it in your local Barnes & Noble, Borders Bookstore, or local grocery store in Carolinas!

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