Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who's got a virus?!!

No, I am not talking about the flu! I am talking about the newest form of marketing and networking. That is viral marketing. It is almost like a bug only this bug you want...sort of. You want it if your targeted market is the younger set. Everything revolves around MySpace , YouTube and Facebook, plus you gotta have a blog and then with all that stuff you have to be able to access it all the time so you need one of those new fangled cell phones that lets you surf, check your emails, text message and never be away from your work. It's really no wonder that there are so many sleep aids out there. Cause who can sleep when there is so much work to do still! Calgon...take me away! :)

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  1. Did I mention that since we at The Bride's Book are so readily accepting the Viral Marketing don't have to!That's why you work with us! Did I also mention that..ahem...nobody else is making this kinda effort to get you seen?